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The Place Leaders Industry Case Studies are a library of filmed place discussions with our members for the exchange of knowledge and sharing of insights across the network.

Case study themes:

Place Concepts
2021_Film thumbnails vimeo_perspectives on place.jpg
Perspectives on Place

A compilation of how Place Leaders understand place, a place approach or place leadership and a description of their role in the place field.

With; Sydney Olympic Park, City of Parramatta, Northern Beaches Council, City of Gold Coast, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, Landcom, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

Place Concepts
Place Management in Government
2021_Film thumbnails vimeo 2_SOPA.jpg
Place Leadership Strategy | Sydney Olympic Park Authority

With Susan Skuodas, Director, Place Management, Sydney Olympic Park Authority.


A discussion with Sydney Olympic Park Authority on how the Authority adopted a place-led approach to manage, activate, design, and develop Sydney Olympic Park.

2021_Film thumbnails vimeo 2_parramatta.jpg
Place Management Approach | City of Parramatta

With; Bruce Mills, Group Manager, Place Services, City of Parramatta | Melinda Ta, Place Manager, City of Parramatta | Rosamund Palmer, Place Manager, City of Parramatta.


A discussion with City of Parramatta on the City’s Place Management Approach and how the Place Services Team delivers on the city’s strategies.

2021_Film thumbnails vimeo 2_NBeaches.jpg
Placemaking Framework | Northern Beaches Council

With Nikki Griffith, Manager, Place and Economic Development, Northern Beaches Council.


A discussion with Northern Beaches Council on their Placemaking Framework and how the team works together to deliver on community vision.

Place Managemen in Government
Policy and Place
2021_Film thumbnails vimeo 2_Landcom.jpg
Sustainable Leadership Strategy | Landcom

With; Alexandra Boyce, Senior Manager Place, Landcom | Scott Gregg, Executive General Manager Projects, Landcom.


A discussion with Landcom on the Sustainable Leadership Strategy that supports the planning and designing of resilient places.

2021_Film thumbnails vimeo 2_DPIE_DPIE.jpg
Place Strategy at a State-Wide Scale | NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

With Vanessa Gordon, Director Place - Public Spaces Division, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.


A discussion with the Place, Design and Public Spaces Division on how the state-wide, place focused agenda is being driven from within the NSW Government.

Policy and Place
Design-Led Place Approach
2021_Film thumbnails vimeo_Blacktown.jpg
Patrick Street Pop-Up Park | Blacktown City Council

With; Michael Maxwell, Social Planning Lead | Jesica Varela, Safer Community Coordinator | Matthew Sales, Senior Architect, Blacktown City Council.


A discussion with Blacktown City Council on how they used a design-led place approach to target crime prevention through environmental design.

Design-Led Place Approach
Engagement and Place
2021_Film thumbnails vimeo_Goldcoast.jpg
City Place Making - Community Engagement | City of Gold Coast

With; Patrick Duigan, Executive Coordinator, City Place Making, City of Gold Coast | Andrea Hellyer, Community Engagement Officer, City of Gold Coast.


A discussion with the City of Gold Coast on the City’s Place Making Team’s community engagement process.

2021_Film thumbnails vimeo 2_PortM-H.jpg
Community Planning Project | Port Macquarie-Hastings Council

With Lucilla Marshall, Group Manager, Community Strategy and Growth, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.


A discussion with Port Macquarie-Hastings Council on the Community Planning Project that engages the community in both vision creation and delivery.

SLA Title V2.jpeg
Place Led Engagement Process To Inform Land Sales | Suburban Land Agency

With Petra Oswald, Program Manager Built Form, SLA & Jo Stroud, Senior Project Manager Urban Projects, SLA


A discussion with the Suburban Land Agency on how they use a place led engagement process to inform land sales.

Engagement and Place
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