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Place Management Approach | City of Parramatta

With; Bruce Mills, Group Manager, Place Services, City of Parramatta | Melinda Ta, Place Manager, City of Parramatta | Rosamund Palmer, Place Manager, City of Parramatta.


A discussion with City of Parramatta on the City’s Place Management Approach and how the Place Services Team delivers on the city’s strategies.


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* For best viewing quality select 1080p in video settings.


Video Chapters

  1. Place Services Team Structure

  2. Operating in Different Directorates

  3. Budget

  4. Communicating the Value of Place

  5. How the Place Services Team Operates

  6. Direction for the Place Projects

  7. Place Team vs Project Delivery Team

  8. Engagement Process and Measuring Success

  9. Place Plans

  10. Place Plans as a Tool of Communication

  11. External Consultants in Delivering Place

Video Credits

Produced by |Place Leaders Asia Pacific

Videography by | MAX Agency

Special Thanks | City of Parramatta

Stills and additional footage courtesy of | Icon Visual Marketing

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