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Sustainable Leadership Strategy | Landcom

With; Alexandra Boyce, Senior Manager Place, Landcom | Scott Gregg, Executive General Manager Projects, Landcom.


A discussion with Landcom on the Sustainable Leadership Strategy that supports the planning and designing of resilient places.


To view this video you must be enrolled in the Micro Credentials in Place Leadership course at The University of Notre Dame.

* For best viewing quality select 1080p in video settings.


Video Chapters

  1. The Role and Focus of Landcom

  2. Sustainability as an Important Focus

  3. How the Sustainable Places Strategy was Developed

  4. Who are the Stakeholders Landcom Engages with

  5. How Landcom Engages with the Community

  6. Metrics and Measures of Success

Video Credits

Produced by | Place Leaders Asia Pacific

Videography by | MAX Agency

Special Thanks | Landcom

Stills and additional footage courtesy of | Landcom

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