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Place Led Engagement Process to Inform Land Sales | Suburban Land Agency

With Petra Oswald, Program Manager Built Form, SLA & Jo Stroud, Senior Project Manager Urban Projects, SLA


A discussion with the Suburban Land Agency on how they use a place led engagement process to inform land sales.


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Video Chapters

0.16       Roles & Responsibilities of SLA

1.05       Gold Creek Homestead Precinct

2.29       Motivation for adopting a place-lead engagement process

3.30       Steps in the process and stakeholders

4.58       The stakeholder panel

7.40       How did the panel define community values?

8.36       Benefits for stakeholders

10.15     Internal communication of the process

11.30     Measuring success

13.07     Overall benefits of process

14.55     Partners in the process

16.00     Greatest lesson & challenge

Video Credits

Produced by | Place Leaders Asia Pacific

Videography by | MAX Agency

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