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Patrick Street Pop-Up Park | Blacktown City Council

With; Michael Maxwell, Social Planning Lead | Jesica Varela, Safer Community Coordinator | Matthew Sales, Senior Architect, Blacktown City Council.


A discussion with Blacktown City Council on how they used a design-led place approach to target crime prevention through environmental design.


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* For best viewing quality select 1080p in video settings.


Video Chapters

  1. Intent, Challenges and Aims of the Pop-Up Park

  2. Defining Ownership

  3. Challenges of Temporary Design

  4. Budget

  5. Process of Working across Directorates

  6. Ownership and Maintenance of the Pop Up Park

  7. Internal vs External Contractors

  8. Challenge of Permanent vs Temporary Implementation

  9. Measuring Success

  10. Stakeholder Confidence

  11. Post Analysis of Design

Video Credits

Produced by | Place Leaders Asia Pacific

Videography | MAX Agency

Special Thanks | Blacktown City Council

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