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The Lord Mayor of the City of Parramatta, Councillor Paul Garrard and the Chair of Place Leaders Asia Pacific, Mr Bob Perry welcomed Claire Albaret, Chief Operating Officer of the Association of Town Centre Managers, Belgium (AMCV) as the Keynote Speaker at the Place Leaders Asia Pacific Workshop, hosted by the City of Parramatta, on 27 November 2015.

In his address, the Lord Mayor reinforced the ongoing importance of Place Management Services in the city making and city management agendas of Sydney’s dual-core CBD.

Bob Perry commended Ms Albaret’s depth of experience and her organisation’s particular, and hard won, perspective on the need for finding the harmonics between place branding, place making and place management, as applied to the unique circumstances of different towns and cities.

Claire’s address showcased the many ongoing initiatives undertaken by AMCV across Europe, including their administration and promotion of TOCEMA Europe, the ISO 9001 Quality Mark for Town Centre Management that has been adopted by hundreds of European cities.

Place Leaders Asia Pacific is particularly appreciative of the insightful initiatives being undertaken by Parramatta City Council after a decade of leadership in Place Management Services. The Members attending the Workshop were deeply impressed by the depth and diversity of place making projects currently completed and underway, as showcased on our carefully managed walking tour.


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