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Welcome to issue 3 of ‘IN PLACE’

Our third issue explores ‘Values in Place’. As professionals taking a ‘place’ based approach, we are connected by a common outcome, putting people first.   Regardless of the sector we represent, we are aligned with a set of ‘values’ or ‘principles’ that drive our action.    This issue highlights some of these values including: diversity, adaptability, inclusivity and accessibility. 

While there are more values to recognise and stories to share, I am proud of this issue, which aptly highlights the multidisciplinary nature of being a place leader and the strength of our connections with people and place.   

IN PLACE is a platform to share knowledge, experience, projects and emerging trends. Many of our contributors this month will be presenting at BIG IDEAS IN PLACE: Place Leaders Asia Pacific Conference 29th to the 31st of May 2017.

Vanessa Pilla

Chief Editor

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