Place Leaders Asia Pacific is delighted to announce the recipients of the 2019 Place Leaders Asia Pacific Awards.

Photo: 2019 Place Leaders Asia Pacific Awards Evening. 28th November 2019. Photography by Andrew Sikorski


Sandy Burgoyne (Jury Chair), Non-executive Director, Policy and Research principal , National Growth Areas Alliance, Smart Urbanism Lab, University of Sydney.

Ethan Kent, Senior Fellow, Projects For Public Spaces, Co-Director PlacemakingX

Geoffrey London, Professor of Architecture at The University of Western

Australia, Professorial Fellow at The University of Melbourne, and Adjunct

Professor at Monash University. He previously held the positions of Victorian

Government Architect (2008-14) and Western Australian Government Architect



WINNER: Joint Award to Riverview Projects ( ACT), Suburban Land Authority, and RobertsDay,  for  Exemplary Leadership in Ginninderry Master Planning

The project exemplifies the results of visionary leadership and collaboration to deliver community-based master planning which preserves the cultural and ecological heritage of place. The combination of a unique private/ public partnership committed to deliver for the community over the long term, coupled with exemplary master planning anchored in the unique culture of the place was a winning formulae.

Photos: (1) by ©GinninderyJV, turf trials (2) by Riverview Project, Education and training.


WINNER: Place Agency & The University of Melbourne for Place Agency

The Jury recognises the significant contribution of the Place Agency in building the capacity of new urbanists in the field of placemaking with a world-first tertiary national placemaking program.

Photos: (1) by Ammon Beyerle, Ballarat Placemaking studio, (2) by Place Agency, Kinglake project, healing from catastrophe through placemaking. Student exhibition during Place Week.


WINNER: Town Teams Movement for The Town Team Model of Governance

With over 40 Town Teams around Australia, the governance model provides a philosophy and framework which enables citizens to co-create places and contribute to making resilient, sustainable and connected places for people.

Photos: by Town Teams Movement (1) Vic Park Summer Street Party 2018 (2) Monday Night Markets organsied by Inglewood on Beaufort.

PLACE GOVERNANCE COMMENDATION: Central Geelong Marketing for Special Rate Scheme – City of Geelong

The Central Geelong Marketing scheme has showcased an innovative governance model to fund and deliver place outcomes, which support safety and sense of belonging for workers, visitors and residents of Central Geelong and has gained the continued support of stakeholders and the community. The Jury acknowledged the longevity of the scheme and measurable outcomes that it has achieved.

Photos: (1) by Streamline Media. Central Geelong & Waterfront. (2) by HandZaround. Central Geelong Laneways.


WINNER: Canberra Renewal Authority for Place Planning for the City Renewal Precinct, Canberra

The Place Planning for the City Renewal Precinct by CRA exemplified leadership by a state authority in taking a place-based approach to city renewal. With community at the heart of the planning, CRA has applied an agile and holistic process to deliver place outcomes.  The Jury also acknowledges the leadership shown by Andy Sharp in shaping the approach to place.

“ ‘If our town centres were a piece of fruit and we squeezed them to obtain their juice - the very essence of what they are – what would they taste like?’ … this question led to a place proposition which defined the very essence place.” (Andy Sharp, City Renewal Authority, 2019)

Photos: by Canberra Renewal Authority (1) Haig Park Pickture Festival (2) Dickson Woolley St Experiment collaborators.

PLACE PROCESS COMMENDATION: Darebin City Council for Preston Market Heritage Study

The jury commends the Darebin City Council for grappling with heritage value that is not buildings and their contribution to methods for understanding and valuing the “ intangible social heritage” of place through the Preston Market study.

Photos: by City of Darebin. (1) Market Streets (2) Market activity.

PLACE PROCESS COMMENDATION: Suburban Land Agency, Canberra Brickworks Delivery Strategy

The development of the Canberra Brickworks showcased innovative methods for securing place outcomes for the community. It provided new ways for community to have ‘ownership’ of the re-development using a community panel and concept delivery deed. The Jury noted that too often the public realm value is managed out when it is coming to the end of its delivery. To have a process that locks the delivery of the public realm and place outcomes, and of the quality that is promised, then that is a great outcome. 

Photos: by Doma Group. Canberra Brickworks Precinct.