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Place Leaders Asia Pacific is delighted to announce the recipients of the 2018 Place Leaders Asia Pacific Awards.

JURY MEMBERS: Kate Brennan (Jury Chair), Ben Hewett, (Deputy NSW Government Architect) Susan Thompson (Professor of Planning / Head, City Wellbeing Program)


The submissions displayed a breadth of approaches to the principles and application of placemaking in Australia. The Jury was pleased to see a number of submissions responding to rural community challenges and opportunities. The best submissions responded closely to the criteria and enabled the Jury to make well informed decisions as to the quality and impact of the project or process. in making decisions the Jury was looking for high quality results, community led and or participatory processes, and either long term or the potential for long term influence or impact. A number of projects appeared to have good urban outcomes, but the submissions were insufficiently detailed as to how community involvement (a key place element) was a feature of the project and the way in which sustainable community outcomes might be achieved.


WINNER: Mike Day for Leadership Excellence in Promoting Walkable Urbanism

Mike Day has played a consistent leadership role in making and improving sustainable and vital communities in Australia by advocating for, leading practice in and influencing others to facilitate walkable and liveable places. Through his networks, knowledge, the application of ideas and an ability to talk with communities, government and the private sector, he has changed for many the way they look at development investment. As one referee said “He has convinced me to take risks. He has changed the way people perceive the marketplace…(it is now about) accessibility, walkability and diversity” and “the people Mike has delivered the greatest effect for and benefit to, is the community”. The Jury acknowledges and thanks Mike for his tireless efforts to create places that are walkable and sustainable and respond to the challenges of 21st Century life. He is a worthy recipient of this Award.


WINNER: PAYCE for Washington Park, Riverwood

This signification urban renewal project is noteworthy as a response to creating a stronger and more inclusive community through integrating social and private housing and emphasising environmental and social sustainability. The Jury noted the Community Renewal Plan in support of the Masterplan and which sets out a clear vision for creating community well-being and the work done with local community groups encouraging residents to be connected, get involved and have a say in Washington Park’s future. The project provides a model PPP which can address the increasing pressures in our cities for both affordability and inclusion.


WINNER: MRCagney for Hobart Local Retail Precincts Plan

Among a number of excellent submissions in this category, this program stood out for its thoroughness in strategic and tactical planning. The methodology involved conceptualising, prioritising and delivering main street revitalisation works encouraging local traders to conceptualise and test ideas with temporary tactical interventions that then were evaluated in action for relevance and success and carried through to capital investment. Clear collaboration was evident between the consultant team, Council’s project team, and traders’ groups and community members. The jury welcomed the project as an example of effective tactical urbanism with definitive outcomes.

SMALL SCALE PLACE PROJECT COMMENDATION: Moreland City Council & ‘These Are The Projects We Do Together’ for SITEWORKS

This is an innovative placemaking approach that grapples with diminishing local resources in a rapidly changing environment. In bringing a disused building back to life, this project shows how low cost, sustainable reuse and community based placemaking approaches can be successfully applied. Together with the appreciation of changing population characteristics and the redevelopment of an inner-city location, this project responds to resident need to establish a large and flexible space for a range of community led, supported and initiated activities.

SMALL SCALE PLACE PROJECT COMMENDATION: CoDesign Studio and Sunshine Coast Council for Palmwoods Activation Program

This program demonstrates a committed and effective approach to applying place principles within a rural-regional setting. Acknowledging the locality’s beautiful environmental attributes, the project puts the community at the heart of its activation strategy for a new town square. The benefits are both new physical infrastructure and the development of social capital over the long-term, exemplifying good practice in placemaking.


WINNER: City of Vincent for City of Vincent Place Management Approach

This project is innovative and demonstrates the City’s ongoing commitment to local based place-making. The Jury was impressed with the well-articulated phases of the ‘Place Management Approach’ and its exceptional level of integration across all relevant stakeholders. Place Managers have been appointed for each of the City’s town centres and are responsible for bringing disparate groups together in a collegial atmosphere. From the delivery of major projects, to the implementation of Town Centre Place Plans, and the creation of ‘place teams’ comprised of residents, business operators and land owners, this strategic approach ensures that place-making is responsive to changing and challenging economic, governance and cultural environments, in a way that is pro-active, inclusive and ready for disruptions.


WINNER: Waverley Council for Waverley Council’s Urban Intervention Strategy

This project demonstrates vision, innovation, integrated decision making and inclusiveness in local place-making in the suburban area of Waverley. The judges were impressed with the level of engagement across the entire community and Council’s commitment to the outcome of this process. Of particular note was the staged approach central to this initiative. Starting with small-scale projects, the emphasis is on speedy implementation and cost-effectiveness. Emphasising stakeholder involvement, each project is ‘tested’ prior to the investment of substantial capital works to fully implement the idea. In delivering on a long-term commitment to facilitating a range of great local places that are responsive to changing circumstances and community need, Waverley Council is a leader in reinforcing the value of place-making across its locality and showing the way for others.


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