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2018 AWARD RECIPIENTS_WAVERLY_After Dark in the Junction_Norman Lee Place (2).jpg
After Dark in the Junction
Normanby Place
Waverly City Council


Entry Closing Date:
Wednesday 31 January 2024 at 6:00pm (ADST)
Separate nomination forms must be completed for each project or initiative however entrants can choose to lodge each project or initiative in multiple categories on the one nomination form.
Click here to read the 2023 Place Leaders Awards Guide for all terms and conditions.

The nomination form needs to be completed in one sitting as it cannot be progressively saved. Once you have submitted your nomination you are no longer able to edit it so please check your entry carefully prior to submission. Please email image and document files to support your nomination form to

A PDF version of this form can be downloaded here to prepare your submission text.

If you have questions or require additional information about how to submit an award nomination 

please email

04_2019_PLACE PROCESS_Haig Park Pickture Festival_Canberra Renewal Authority.jpg
Please select at least one award category below (you can select multiple categories)

All image files must be labeled in the following format: Project Name_Project Completion Year_Photo by Photographer Name (or other attribution)_Award Category_1 of  # (2,3,4 etc.)_Brief Photo Description

e.g. Little Park_2019_Photo by Jo Blo_Small Place Project_1 of 3_Opening Day.jpg

Are you a Place Leaders Asia-Pacific member
Thank you for your Awards nomination!
You will shortly receive a confirmation email.

Awards Nomination payment

  • All Place Leaders Asia-Pacific members receive ONE complimentary nomination
  • If you are a Place Leaders Asia Pacific member submitting additional nominations or not a member, you will shortly receive an invoice to pay your nomination fee of $590 +GST
Haig Park
Pickture Festival
Canberra Renewal Authority
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